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Familiarize yourself with a concept of learning by living

An in-depth look at how dog training works

Transform Your Daily Dog Walks into Mindfulness Sessions We often link mindfulness to practices like meditation and yoga, but with a dog in your life you will learn faster.  Photo by Gary Ellis Mindfulness might be one of those terms you think it comes from

When we meet a dead end path in dog training, it’s good to employ training devices and concepts that can unblock us. This is where secondary reinforcement enters.

If you never thought you can punish your dog and still be humane, it’s time to get a solid grasp of negative reinforcement.

From the endless cuteness to the scent of diarrhea, be ready for some loving memories. Your life is about to change. Get ready for it.

You are your dog’s favorite person on the planet because nobody else gives better belly rubs than you. However, in the spirit of constant improvement, see if your dog shows the following 4 signs of familiarity and comfort.

Disgusting, but common, behaviors dogs enjoy to offer but we like to see less often

Dogs are tamed wolves among us (kind of). This means a ton of things and none of them includes a leash

Or is your dog the head of your household?